Northwind Landscaping and Design has been providing quality landscaping services to individuals and businesses on Long Island since 1972. Started by Christopher Conologue in 1972, ownership of Northwind passed to Jose O. Portillo and Barry Ulrich in 1999. Dedicated to the philosophy that individualized care is the key to customer satisfaction, Northwind works hand in hand with our clients to ensure that their vision and needs are met during every step of our engagements.

Barry Ulrich
I have been in the Green Industry since 1985. I have a BS in Geography and Environmental Sciences. After graduating from college my love for the outdoors led me to the Green Industry. Before starting my own business I worked for Bartlett Tree experts for seven years. I am a certified arborist with the State of N.Y. and International Society of Arbor Culture. Before Bartlett I worked for Northwind Landscaping as a foreman on a Planting & Design crew. When the owner of Northwind Landscaping died, I was approached to come back to work for them as a salesman. This is when I met Omar and we've been working together ever since.

Jose O. Portillo
Hello my name is Jose O. Portillo, everyone calls me Omar. I came to the United States in 1988, started working in landscaping, and have been in this business ever since.  In 1993 I was hired by Christopher Conologue to work in his company, Northwind Landscaping. He was a good man and took the time to teach me more about the business. When Mr. Conologue passed away in 1998, Mrs. Conologue hired Barry Ulrich as a Salesman. We worked together and became good friends. A year later, Mrs. Conologue decided to sell the company and give Barry and I the opportunity to take over Northwind Landscaping.